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Discover the captivating charm of our Ethereal Elegance Mouse Skull Necklace, from The Gilded Gardens collection. This piece features a genuine mouse skull, ethically sourced from owl pellets, delicately suspended within a crystal-clear acrylic frame.


The frame measures 1 inche by 0.5 inches by 1 inche and is framed with intricate silver detailing, enhancing the mystical allure of the tiny skull encased within.

Each necklace is a testament to the cycle of nature and the beauty found within it.


The transparent acrylic housing not only protects the delicate skull but also offers a timeless aesthetic that allows the intricate details of the skull to be appreciated from every angle. This pendant hangs gracefully on a sleek silver chain, providing a striking contrast against any outfit.


Ideal for those who cherish nature's artistry or seek a piece of jewelry that tells a story, the Ethereal Elegance Mouse Skull Necklace is a bold statement of beauty and sustainability.

Ethereal Elegance Mouse Skull Necklace 1" Round

  • Acrylic Housting

    Stainless Steel Frame

    Measures 2" x 1.25" x .5"

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