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Embrace the essence of a miniature garden with our Verdant Vignette Terrarium Necklace, a signature piece from The Gilded Gardens collection! 


Each necklace features a unique, hand-assembled terrarium in a sturdy glass vial, showcasing a vibrant mix of live mosses—including sheet moss, fern moss, and broomfork moss—alongside flourishing live plants such as String of Frogs, Fittonia, and Selaginella ferns.


Crafted with care, these terrarium necklaces bring the tranquility of a garden directly to your wardrobe. The clear glass container allows for a 360-degree view of the miniature ecosystem inside, beautifully displayed on a durable cord that complements the natural aesthetic. Each terrarium varies in size and plant content, making every piece truly one-of-a-kind.


Verdant Vignette Terrarium Necklace,

  • This product can be customized to nearly anything. We can change the color of the sand, the types of moss, stone or plant. A custom piece is the same price as an In Stock item. Please contact us to let us make you a custom necklace!

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