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The Signature Edition Terrarium is our high end model. Made to order based on each customers preference,  it is a lush ecosystem sourced from local moss and plants, meticulously selected to not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also thrive in the moist environment created within the terrarium, ensuring their longevity and vibrancy. The terrarium is adorned with artful accents of glistening crystals, grounding stones, and warm wood, adding an elegant touch to its natural allure. With the Verdant Villa, you can indulge in the serene charm of a miniature world, where nature's wonders unfold in harmony.


As all of our terrariums, each one is unique and the pictured version will not be exactly what you receive. Feel free to call us to customize your terrarium with any stone, gems or plants you want!

Signature Edition

  • Glass enclousure and solid wood lid


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